about me

I am a husband, father, bishop in the anglican church, and pilgrim making my way with sometimes not enough fear and trembling and sometimes way too much.

Rangitoto is the mountain and the Waitemata are the waters where I belong. When I see them or swim in them I know that I am home.

I have anglo-catholic leanings – which means I am all for solemn bows and probably should be more for prostration.

I think of myself as orthodox in my beliefs but I note that there are many who have different beliefs to mine and they claim the same title. Image


One comment

  1. Welcome +Jim to the blogworld
    I too see Rangitoto as my maunga/mountain. But just to illustrate how relative so many things are, I always do a double-take when I see the island from that angle, which I assume is from somewhere near St Helliers/St John’s College/ Howick. As I grew up in the centre of Auckland, I always visualise the island with its four “humps”, instead of just one as in this photo.
    It all goes to show that we all see things from different perspectives.
    God bless

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