three friends with anOther

three friends with anOther

I am on way up North to celebrate the rest of Holy Week and the Triduum. I am looking forward to being with a group of Christians and traveling ‘the journey’ with them. I imagine that there will just a few of us as I will be far from some suburban stronghold of Christianity. With such a mountain to climb together and just a few of us, it would be easy to say, “Oh, let’s just have lie down and eat some chocolate rabbits.”

I have a fear (surely I am not alone?) that soon Easter will only mean gold foiled rabbits. The question, “What is different about these days and nights?” comes to mind often as we do our preparations. The great Jewish writer/ poet/ philosopher Primo Levi’s  poem “Passover” has been with me for a few weeks:

Tell me: how is this night different
From all other nights?
How, tell me, is this Passover
Different from other Passovers?
Light the lamp, open the door wide …

I am looking forward to re-membering again – to the telling of the story in darkness and the light that will be lit to show us the way. I always hope that I will hear of Mischah, Shadrach, and Abednego because that is my favourite. But I hope I will also hear something new – to be surprised by some new joy.

A special joy for me this year will be to ordain a Deacon on Easter Day. Ordinations and Confirmations (and renewal of Baptismal Vows) always move me deeply and they never fail draw new resolve from me and this will have extra potency at Easter as we shout “Christ is Risen!”

I wish you all all that you need for the journey ahead and the joy of the divine dawn to greet you in just a few days. Levi again:

Each of us has been a slave in Egypt,
Soaked straw and clay with sweat,
And crossed the sea dry-footed.
You too, stranger.
This year in fear and shame,
Next year in virtue and in justice.  


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