Day 1

photo[16]Well, we headed off a little later than hoped accompanied by a friend, Arend to the harbour limits. No soon had he left us and the wind picked up and we had to slog through a squall of rain into Campell’s Bay on the North Shore.
Then up to Long Bay and Vaughan Park. Nearly in time for Mass, but we were wet and cold already. Johan, the chef there patched up my cut finger – I had tripped coming up the beach and we had a cuppa tea.
Then off towards the Tiritiri Channel. The wind was a comfortable 25 knots in the gusts and we had to reassess things. We ended up cutting the corner at Shakspear Bay and port aged the kayaks over to Army Bay. It turned out to be its own ordeal. Kayaks were very heavy even though we unloaded stuff and carried it 200 meters at a time. A guy in truck rescued us about 400 meters from the end and I was mighty grateful.
30 – 35 knot gusts were on the weather forecast and they kept us on land for the best part of the afternoon. Waiting.
A final hour and a half of paddling until 6;30. Rain and squalls again. Twelve hours after we started and somewhat humbled by the weather I think we are both a bit spent.


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