Day 2


“Quicken me in the power of your word.”

So reads the passage from Psalm 119 for midday prayer on Mondays. It would be no bad thing to have this petition granted but I find myself praying for quicker progress North. (I know that it is a different use of quicken!) We are making very slow progress towards our destination. The wind is such that we are having to hug the coast and that is far from the most direct route.

This morning we paddled steadily for four hours to our lunch stop Scandrett Regional Park. The wind actually died away for a time (hence risking taking the phone out for a photo of John) and it was lovely. Short lived as rain, a slight wind shift, and wind increase followed too soon. Not before we had the spectacular sight of dolphins absolutely flying in front of us chasing fish which they rounded up in against the coast. A thrilling sight. Unfortunately they were not interested in visiting with a couple of kayakers.

Lunch was weather for the ducks. We were visited by mum and seven ducklings. Very sweet.

This might be today’s post as we are likely to be stuck here, though we have made 21.5km today.



  1. Blessings in your pilgrimage. Your Blog is quickening us – in the other sense of the word. Go well with God. Dick & Eleanor Lane

  2. Awesome +Jim… again you inspire others to ‘go that extra mile’ and to have faith in one’s abilities. What a feat… one day the Oxfammers might give it a go too!!

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