Day 4

A little way into our hikoi now and simple things are having considerable attraction. It is a good sign that camping and life at a slower pace is working its magic of getting one to reevaluate what matters. The shower last night and a real breakfast – egg and bacon – were a real delight. At a deeper level the magic is happening too. I found myself singing ” we come from THE land down under” a few times. Splendid cliffs and a deep low swell from the east pressing against them. Truly impressive country and coast.

Another reasonable day with 8 hours of paddling although the last part was slow as we tired and slogged rather slowly into a rising northerly breeze which we weren’t expecting. We have called ourselves ‘the antiques roadshow’ as our bodies and joints complain.

The big delight of the day was crossing Bream Bay, our biggest stretch of open water on this trip. If the weather was poorer we would have had to hug the coast. So, Mangawhai Heads to Ocean Beach for early lunch. We left Ocean Beach happy and the water was genuinely blue for a bit. The afternoon turned out to be hard work but it was a great relief to come into the little river at Pataua. A truly beautiful place.



  1. Great to be reading your blog. Well done so far.
    Reminds me of our kayak retreat in the Bay of Islands back in the late 90s.
    I still have John’s 1970s Nordkap!

  2. I agree with Damon … thinking of you and John and remembering the best days of that retreat. Looking forward to reading more of your adventure.

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