Day 5

Just a short distance today. We made it to a spectacular camp ground on the Whananaki Peninsula called Otamure. The bay is overlooked by a carved Po, of Tangaroa, the Maori god of the sea. The carving, in a modern style, has the figure clutching fish and crayfish under his arms.

It is all too perfect here and the wind obliged by getting up and making paddling tough and before we knew it the tent was up and we were staying the night. The kayaks looked good on the beach too – shame to move them.

Frankly, we were both a little tired too. 5 hours paddling this morning in and out up the coast. Perhaps too slowly, but the cumulative effects on the previous day’s efforts on this desk jockey come insatiable attendee of meetings is probably the explanation. At least Anglican worship has me sitting down and standing up and general pew aerobics, otherwise I would have to say my job was completely ‘sedentary’! Resolve of day: more worship. (Day in day out it has to improve my fitness?!)

As we paddled up the unspeakably beautiful coast I couldn’t help reflecting on our impact on the landscape. Some truly ugly holiday houses scar the landscape. Some beautiful looking and sympathetic structures too, but many are just evidence of a lack of care for our environment. Hardly a great crime. (Unless you are an architect! And some of my best friends are architects!) The greater crime might be the paucity of sea birds and what has happened to them. Seemingly so few gulls, terns, and the ever wonderful blue penguins. Where have they gone?
Kayaks at Otamure

Looking North from Pataua



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