Day 6

What a day!

It began with decisions about go on or not. My health was not ‘100%’ as we say in kiwi culture understatement.

Anyway, we decided to proceed gently and see how were going. John was fantastic getting us on the water and underway.

The first part of the day went well passing through the Rimiriki Islands off the Whirinaki Penninsula.

Lunch was taken after four and half hours of paddling.

I had bought part of a block of cheese from the very kind campground manager ( getting low on some provisions) and it this aided the general feeling of bliss.
We had run out of superlatives for the beauty of the coastline.

After lunch we set out with the possibility of Cape Brett. Not to be. We slogged in what must have been 20 knot gusts for 2 hours – sometimes paddling full tilt but going nowhere. From just north of Bland Bay to the entrance of Whangamumu Harbour had taken way longer and way more effort than it should have. Humbled again.

In the harbour we paid a short visit to the old whaling station – active at the turn of the 20 Century. It was impressive as a feat of human endevour and courage on one level but there is no doubt that the whole business was ghastly.

Having decided that we would stay at Whangamumu tonight, there was a lone dolphin in the bay. I had a great paddle with it. I even managed an extra turn of speed with the dolphin trying my bow wave (not!). John jumped in and swam with it. Very special.

Now kumara in foil in the fire – to be as cooked as we are feeling after a long day.

Old boiler from old whaling stationWhangamumu whaling station



  1. Well done Bishop. We are praying for you and John, that the weather holds and your bodies hold out. We are in awe of your commitment qnd effort. God be with you on your way.

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