Day 7

Pilgrim's shell

Pilgrim’s shell

Hole in a rock.

Hole in a rock.

Cape Brett

Cape Brett

Saint Nicholas’ Day and one full of gifts. We made it into the Bay of Islands, through the ‘Hole in the Rock,’ paddled with a dolphin, saw Orcas (we were so wishing they would come see us), had coffee (we were invited onto to the yacht Matrix by skipper Noel Vautier), had our last dehydrated meal, and Rangihoua and Oihi are in striking distance for noon tomorrow.

Much to think and reflect on today: Bishop Selwyn once found himself becalmed at Cape Brett and ordered the lifeboat over so he could row to Paihia. No sooner had he done so and the breeze came up. However in Paihia he the rowed around to Waitangi to walk to Waimate North. Such prodigious energy!

Likewise we visited a second ruined whaling station at Deep Water Cove. The work of whalers was described at the time as ” generally desperately dangerous requiring skill, courage,strength, and endurance.”

Early mariners and early missionaries saw our country from a vulnerable place and it required a good deal from within them.

So, we are resting up on Urapukapuka tonight. I have tied a scallop shell to the front of each of our kayaks. Pilgrim vessels.



  1. Yippee or should I say Alleluiah! We’ve been praying all day that you would make it to Urupukapuka. God be praised.Love from all at the Ascension.

  2. This is fantastic news Jim … well done! Continuing to pray for you and John as you paddle your way to Oihi … but first a well deserved rest.

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