on the last day

We made it! A slow and gentle day. Having eaten most of the food there was just less to pack into the kayaks and we got away at usual time in spite of not rising until 5:30. The wind dropped away to nothing for the final stretch across the bay to Rangihoua and Oihi Bay.

It was great to be greeted by Jason and Rich in a little boat. Familiar smiling faces.

I was little choked-up to see the Marsden Cross, journey’s end and a marker of our church’s beginning, more choked up as John and I embraced.

I expect to write a longer and final reflection on our pilgrimage tomorrow – when some sleep has been had – but during the journey I have been reading some of Bishop Selwyn’s letters and one particular quote has charmed me. On his first passage to New Zealand and writing back to SPG regarding his arrival in Sydney he had these words: “After a most happy and prosperous voyage, which the Almighty seemed to bless in a peculiar manner the Bishop and his party …”

Selwyn’s words captures so much of what I want to say about our little passage .. and they are so much better than anything I can think of in current idiom.

Looking from Moturua across to Rangihoua

Looking from Moturua across to Rangihoua

Journey's end



  1. Congratulations! Our congregation was most impressed that one of our previous Enablers had accomplished this feat.You’ll have big bulging biceps and never eaten even a spinach leaf!

  2. Good Job Jim… Glad to see you two are still having epic adventures! Hi to Jane and John. Kind regards Anne Letham-White (Connie’s daughter)

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