st james, kerikeri

st james, kerikeri

I am back from another wee sojourn north. Some outstanding moments – the highlight was probably standing in the quiet pre-dawn at Paihia, pausing for the time to light the Easter Fire, and as we waited we were treated to the bold appearance of the Morning Star – taku whetu marama i te ata. Brilliant.

Anyway, I have been asked to post a couple of sermons from the Great Three Days.

I feel that sermons belong in the moment and most don’t deserve to see the light of day after that moment. (Some should never see the light of day – not ever! But that is another story). Of course, there are great exceptions. I think, for instance, Barbara Brown Taylor’s sermons that  are so good that they demand reading and then rereading. But such writing is rare.

I have attached the two sermons here one was offered on Maundy Thursday at the Reaffirmation of Ordination Vows and one for Easter Day. I have been asked by people at both occasions if I would make them available. You have to click on the link to see them – but be warned, a Barbara Brown Taylor I will never be! – and I am under no illusions about that.


Maundy Thursday 

Easter Day 2014


This one has been requested too. An unusual and painful situation of the closure and deconsecration of a church.






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